Wall and Ceiling Linings

S&S Plasterers can supply and fix plaster for all your wall and ceiling requirements. Plasterboard Interior Linings are used to create Great spaces that begin with the sturdy framed walls that surround them. We can supply a range of cost effective interior linings to help you create, design and build. You can select from a wide range of plasterboard linings to suit your application needs.

Suspended Ceilings

For a ceiling system with the grid either concealed or exposed, directly-fixed to the structure above or suspended, through to trafficable ceilings, we can supply everything you might need. When you can't stand seeing unsightly services or when you need to reduce sound transmitted through the floor, expertly engineered ceiling designs will perform well.

Cornice Installation

The cornice profile is an important detail to complete the look of any room. Cornice is available in a range of sizes and helps to create a gentle transition between the wall and ceiling

Suitable for creating classic, elegant, contemporary, bold or sharp finishes, cornice is available in a wide range of profiles to help achieve the perfect look for your finished surface areas. If you need cornice installed contact us now and get the right advice

Plasterboard Repairs

S&S Plasterers are experts in plaster restoration, repairing holes and other damage is a cost effective way to improve the look of any plaster wall or ceiling. We re-enforce and prepare the surrounding surface to help get the best results then reinforce and patch the hole properly. If you have a damaged wall or ceiling it can be repaired and restored to a perfect smooth surface.

Plasterboard Finishes

S&S Plasterers strives to achieve a finished surface area that is desirable for you the customer, we will deliver the type of finish required. By paying attention to framing, plasterboard sheet orientation, paint finishes and lighting conditions, it is possible to attain the perception of flatness. Careful workmanship is required at each stage of construction to achieve a high-quality finish. We are trained in both dry wall construction and solid plaster finishes. We understand the type of textures that can be achieved.